Banking Industry Conference "Bank & Zukunft 2013"

This year's two-day Bank & Zukunft conference, jointly organised by Fraunhofer IAO and IBM, had "next generation banking" as its leitmotif.

On the first day, talks, theories, solutions and concepts about the digitalisation of banking were presented and explained. Social media was a recurring thread through the presentations. The broad field of applications were presented to an excited and forward-looking audience, starting from social business and social media, moving on to consumer behaviour in wake of the digital transformation, digital corporate communications internally and externally, and finally to specific aspects of the business, such as social trading and crowdfunding. Social trading and crowdfunding are innovative forms of investment and financing options offered exclusively online independent of the conventional banking institutions. The loss of confidence in banks in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis was named as the primary driver of this new movement. Google's recipe for success made quite an impression and discussions followed for how banks could integrate these strategies into their world. The first day ended with the awarding of the Holzmann Medien Verlag prizes for the "2013 Offices of the Year". Prizes were awarded in five categories to banks from Singapore, Austria, Italy and Germany.

The second day of the workshop focused on encouraging active exchange and discussion among the approximately 40 participants on future issues facing the industry as identified by the B&Z Innovationsforum. The aim was to critically examine these and lay the groundwork for future dialogue among experts. The workshop was conducted in the "World Café" format, with discussions at five tables on the following controversial and forward-looking topics: 1. banks & innovation; 2. the next generation of customer management; 3. the future of physical sales offices; 4. the digital transformation of banks; and 5. new business models for banks.

The workshop units were moderated by the Fraunhofer Institute and other members of the B&Z Innovationsforum; S&N dealt intensively with the topic of new business models for banks. S&N AG is a founding member of the B&Z Innovationsforum and is glad to answer any questions about the forum and any other issues related to the financial industry and banking IT.

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