S&N intensifies cooperation with research and teaching

Dr Klaus Schröder assumes responsibility for university cooperation

S&N has been involved in an intensive collaboration with the University of Paderborn, its Software Quality Lab and other academic institutions for many years with great success. In addition to the technological aspects of the projects we collaborate on, the contact and exchange with academic research is especially important to us. The results can be seen in our ability to recruit especially competent new team members as well as the increased innovative capacity of our company. We attribute these successes to our commitment to being personally involved in this collaboration. I am very pleased that Dr Klaus Schröder is ready and motivated to take on this very important task for the future on 1 October 2013. Dr Schröder will serve as central contact person and coordinator with our university partners and will play a key role in developing ideas for our collaborations. Dr Schröder will also be responsible for managing the university projects supported by grants from S&N AG. As part of his new role as Team Manager in Projects & Development, he will be working in close coordination with the S&N management team. I am certain that with his support our collaborations will be even more successful in the future and will contribute to even deeper cooperation between the academy and industry.

Josef Tillmann, CEO