SAP Add-On contract@insTRA for Contract Management

Keeping track of every contract can be time-consuming, especially if still done manually. Efficient contract management requires a powerful software solution such as contract@insTRA by S&N, which offers everything needed for centralised, efficient management of your contracts.

Why contract@insTRA by S&N?

Most companies still store their contracts in hard copy in file folders or binders. The related data, documents and correspondence are often found on different computers and were created with different programs.

contract@insTRA creates the transparency you need for effective and cost-optimised contract management.

The advantages of contract@insTRA at a glance:

  • clear, easy-to-understand system
  • central access to all information and documents
  • shorter processing times by reducing administrative workloads
  • automatic reminders support deadline compliance and awareness of renewal/expiration dates
  • individual analysis and fast creation of management reports
  • SAP master data integration

The features of contract@insTRA

Collecting contract data


contract@insTRA can collect data from all kinds of contracts. You can then organise these contracts hierarchically, based on your own internal system.

SAP integration makes SAP master data about your customers and vendors available.

Deadline monitoring and hold files

Failure to meet contract deadlines can be a very expensive mistake, which is why an automatic reminder function is a must. contract@insTRA can manage hold files automatically or manually. System hold files are automatically generated at a set time before the deadline. Employees are given timely reminders of contracts that will expire shortly or are due for automatic renewals.

Access controls

Contract data is sensitive, which is why any contract management systems requires a reliable plan to control access so that information is only viewable by authorised employees or departments.

contract@insTRA enables users to create, display or modify data only with the appropriate authorisation.

Analyses and reports

contract@insTRA offers extensive options for reporting. You can perform custom or standard analyses of the existing data and export the results to Excel with the SAP List Viewer (ALV). In addition, there is a "contract digest" for each contract that summarises the key information on a single page.

Electronic folders

So that all data and documents are centrally accessible, an electronic folder is integrated into contract@insTRA where all files related to a single contract are uploaded. The SAP database or another document management system can be used as an archive.

Custom Word templates can be filled with the contract data to make correspondence much more efficient.

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