insTRA 4.0 Add-On Certified by SAP

In September 2013, the insTRA 4.0 app received its SAP certification.

Consistent compliance with the high standards of SAP in both its programming and qualitative handling of technical subjects has helped the latest version of insTRA 4.0 by S&N to continue to receive SAP certification.

Certification as an SAP add-on requires the product to be developed in its own namespace and with an ABAP development license. The add-on has to be packaged and delivered with the SAP Add-On Assembly Kit (AAK) and must also come with a comprehensive technical profile as well as a customisation handbook for the user. In addition, the product needs to undergo a live presentation where an SAP employee uses various high-level test cases to analyse the technical and syntactical consistency with SAP certification procedures.

insTRA 4.0 offers our customers a powerful and comprehensive software package for efficient handling of various insurance processes. The top priority for S&N AG in updating insTRA 4.0 was meeting customer needs while maintaining compliance with development guidelines and using the latest technologies associated with long-term release planning. This also ensures that S&N always delivers the highest quality product that meets customer requirements, as underscored by the SAP certification of insTRA 4.0.

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