GWT.create: Conference on Google Web Toolkit

GWT.createGWT holds its own developer Fair - twice at the same time. In December, the GWT.create was held for the first time in San Francisco and Frankfurt. Organized by the Finnish company Vaadin with top speakers from Google and from the GWT community. Two developers from S & N took part.

Ray Cromwell, GWT chief developer at Google, presented the development goals for the next versions:

JSInterop: Better integration with Javascript applications and components. This is particularly interesting in view of the imminently expected WebComponents, which can then be used seamlessly with GWT.

Mobile: Optimization for mobile platforms. In particular, mobile browsers as well as native mobile applications e.g. Phonegap.

Increase productivity with Java 8: Support and many detail improvements in the development process.

Particularly encouraging are the many good reviews for GWT developers outside of Google. This applies to contributions to the GWT project, as well as lectures on GWT.create. Opening to the community is good for GWT.

Contact: Christian Vögtle; Turn on Javascript!