Outputmanagement as a Service

OMSThe RSB Retail Service Bank GmbH has been successfully using the Output Management Service of S & N AG since May 2013. After the complete migration of all inventory data, periodic mass documents of RSB Retail Service Bank GmbH are now processed by the Output Management Services and printed, enveloped and dispatched by Swiss Post Solutions GmbH.
The clear layout of service control allows creation and technical review of the posting run without the help of IT colleagues.

Cost savings by bundling documents

In daily business not only invoices and statements but also a variety of other documents must be sent to customers. Shipping these documents separately results in high additional postage costs. To reduce these costs, a number of mechanisms are integrated, which mean both documents for one-off dispatches and periodically occurring shipments can be sent together.
General attachments can be provided as PDF documents by the department and assigned to customer groups. Documents are printed in a similar way to documents produced by Output Management as a Service through the printing path. This method serves the timely dispatch of a large scale print run to many customers.
Control of attachments allows pre-produced attachments to be added during the enveloping process. Thus, glossy brochures or leaflets can be sent either to all customers or any selection of customers.
Special systems control documents for individual customers. Documents generated by other applications can be automatically supplied via this function. Automatic processing of the controlled documents allows mass data processing without additional manual intervention. Thus external costs (postage) and manual effort can be reduced simultaneously.

Attractive and informative in colour

More and more business correspondence is sent in colour. Colours stimulate interest, increase readability and thus increase the satisfaction of the end customer.
Important passages in main documents can be colour highlighted. Colour highlighting helps the end customer to grasp the key points at a glance. Logo printed in colour increase the recognition value of a company and support corporate design.
With regard to attachments, colour printing supports the rapid and cost-effective communication of content to end customers, as elaborately designed information sheets no longer need to be produced and sent separately, but can be produced at the same time. Colours evoke emotions. Colour photos in brochures with advertising content create a lasting impression.
Costs were significantly reduced in the area of output management using the new functions, while employee motivation and customer satisfaction increased significantly.

S&N has been implementing successful output management projects for many years. Have we piqued your interest?

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