S&N and A:gon - a strong alliance


Dear Readers,

We are delighted to be able to inform you today about an important step towards the future of our company.

S&N AG and A:gon Solutions GmbH, based in Eschborn, Germany, will from now on be pooling their service and product portfolios under their common parent company, S&N Invent GmbH. Both companies will remain separate legal entities exist, but by sharing portfolios there will be a considerable expansion in what we can offer, improved cross-regional presence, a significant increase in available personnel with highly complementary skills that will make us even more attractive to customers and partners in the future. Both A:gon Solutions GmbH and S&N AG are well-established IT companies with many years of success. With a combined total of 350 employees in six locations in Germany, the S&N group is in an excellent position to meet with you the challenges that lie ahead in IT-based optimisation of business processes, implementing new and rehabilitating existing software solutions as well as all areas of IT infrastructure.

The primary focus of the S&N Group will be continuing the work of both A:gon and S&N in the financial services industry. In doing so, we not only offer current and innovative technology competence, but also industry-specific architecture expertise concerning, for example, branch infrastructure and self-service cash management services. This is complemented by the outstanding knowledge of banking services that have made us the preferred consulting, solutions and service partners for numerous financial services companies for many years. Our offerings for the financial services industry also include successful products in the areas of credit management and financial statement analysis, insurance administration and solutions for optimising cash processes.

S&N will continue to provide methodical professional software development and proven consulting expertise for the effective implementation of critical business process IT, IT infrastructure, enterprise business intelligence, output management, JBOSS/JEE as well as efficient and proactive managed services and extensive SAP expertise. A:gon will complement this with its many years of recognised experience in methodical software development, homogeneous software integration, networking mainframe and web applications for the protection of existing investments supported by professional needs/project management and advanced IT architecture consulting. The combined technological expertise thus brought together under the umbrella of S&N Invent GmbH therefore extends from classic mainframe architectures to modern Java/JEE web and portal architectures and even to the latest cloud- and mobile-based technologies.

The same contact partners with whom you have been working will continue to be available as part of the S&N Group. Udo Peters, managing director of A:gon Solutions GmbH, and Josef Tillmann, CEO of S&N AG, will both become managing directors of S&N Invent GmbH and, together with the management teams of both companies, will be responsible for the ambitious development strategy of S&N Group.

All contacts at both companies will remain unchanged for you. What's changed is that both companies are now fully at your service as one. In the coming weeks and months, we will taking further concrete steps to organise our cooperation and the further development of the S&N Group and will be glad to provide information on our progress.

We hope that you recognise the added value that our strategy offers you and will take advantage of what we have to offer to continue achieving your goals. And, in return, we will use all of our combined strength to help you meet whatever challenges you might face in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Josef Tillmann

CEO of S&N AG and Managing Director of S&N Invent GmbH