Apprenticeship Programme Receives Award

Certificate for "Excellent Educational Cooperation"


Since 1997, S&N AG has been cooperating with Siemens Professional Education (SPE) Paderborn in the training of its next generation workforce. This successful collaboration was recently awarded by Siemens with a certificate for the many years of "Excellent Educational Cooperation". Especially singled out was the excellent educational work of the S&N apprenticeship programme as a professional contribution to the high levels of professional qualifications of these young IT apprentices. The shared, professional passing on of this future-oriented training content was explicitly mentioned in the award notification.

The apprentices at S&N AG have demonstrated the outstanding success of this cooperation by achieving above-average results on their final examinations and repeated awards from the chamber of commerce and industry. This applies in particular to the combination university-apprenticeship programme that S&N has been offering for several years to secondary school graduates as an attractive, but also challenging alternative to a purely academic degree and university-run cooperative programmes.

"Our aim is to produce competitive edge and means for our customers with our services. Accordingly, our customers expect from our employees not only excellent technical and professional skills, but also creativity, communication skills and dynamism", explains Josef Tillmann, CEO of S&N AG. "An excellent education, studying with high practical components or the combination of both, as it were, the premier class, the young people opens up excellent career development opportunities and enables us to attract highly qualified young professionals for exciting challenges."

Completing an apprenticeship in IT combined with the academic study of business computer science with lots of practical elements has opened up to these young people excellent career opportunities and has given S&N the chance to bring highly qualified young professionals on board for the exciting challenges posed by the future.

UrkundeRüdiger Klein, training manager at S&N, adds: "S&N will maintain this approach further and currently provides an additional variant of the combination of education and study. The Bachelor of Business computer science (B.Sc.) is combined with the training of IT specialists and software techniques to technical consultant (m / f). So in just 3.5 years, three high-quality statements are reached. These are the best conditions for extremely attractive professional development opportunities."

In addition, S&N is cooperating in the training area with its customers to offer the trainees and students the opportunities to carry out practical phases directly in departments of customers, and thus to gain further, especially bank-specific practical experience.

The S&N AG with its headquarters in Paderborn, Germany and offices in Eschborn (Ffm), Munich, Parsberg and Berlin is for over 20 years and currently with more than 200 employees successfull in the areas of IT consulting, software development and additional Services mainly working for banks and other financial service providers.

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