There is, unfortunately, a shortage of women in IT. Despite their excellent performance in the field, it is regrettable that still too few dare to envision a future in this profession. S&N can testify to their top-level performances and is therefore very pleased that the Paderborn IT association "Paderborn-ist-Informatik" has started the "girls4IT" initiative to work on changing this. Plans include, for example, to promote the field among girls from grade 9 onwards if they have shown the appropriate talent or would just like to have a look into the profession or the IT professional environment. They will thus have the opportunity to check out whether the IT environment might be a potential future profession or course of study.

The girls4IT initiative has now added an IT mentoring programme to the mix. It allows the mentees to benefit not only from personal conversations and experiences with women already in the profession, but also to participate in internships and attend special workshops.

S&N has been working with this initiative since its inception and supports it 100%. S&N's Sonja Oeynhausen, Julia Pongratz and Christina Wiesing are available as mentors to help girls sort through the internship offerings.

Rüdiger Klein, training manager at S&N, describes the objectives of girls4IT as follows:

We are hoping to get mentees interested in IT issues and professions and to make IT skills visible. We also want to build their self-esteem and confidence regarding IT issues and provide them with access to informal networks. In addition, another goal is to help create equal opportunities.

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