New Course at S&N

Starting with the class of 2014, S&N is now offering secondary school graduates that have earned admission to university a new and challenging opportunity to be trained in IT while studying at university. A new dual bachelor of science degree in business computer science (B.Sc.) with a parallel apprenticeship as an IT specialist in application development and as a software consultant is now being offered.

By combining academic study with an apprenticeship, students can now obtain three high-quality qualifications simultaneously in just 3.5 years:

  • bachelor of science in business computer science;
  • qualification as an IT specialist in application development (from the chamber of commerce and industry);
  • and an additional qualification as technical software consultant.

In this integrated apprenticeship and bachelor's degree course, S&N is collaborating with renowned educational institutions, including Siemens Professional Education (SPE) and the Ausbildungszentrum für Technik, Informationsverarbeitung und Wirtschaft (ATIW), a state-certified school for apprentices, to offer classes on site. The course is also in cooperation with the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences at S&N Paderborn. The complementary practical aspect of the training will be gained by participating in exciting projects. A new feature is the option for apprentices to undertake special internships in the IT departments of our customers so that they can obtain additional experience in banking systems and processes.

Thus, S&N remains true to the idea of creating competitive advantages and differentiation potential for its customers by offering special training for the workforce of the future. Our customers not only expect outstanding technological and professional skills, but also creativity, communication skills and dynamism. An excellent apprenticeship, an education with a high practical component, and especially the combination of the two opens up this field to graduates and also provides excellent career opportunities.

The following outline provides details about this course: