S&N Webinars on SAP Add-Ons

Webinare zu fleet und eFA

Webinars on fleet and eFA

In the past year, S&N has offered webinars on our SAP products fleet and insTRA. The response of the participants was always very positive. The webinars also led to some very good contacts with potential customers. Building on this success, this year we are offering online presentations about eFA (enhanced file archive) and mail to SAP Upload.

Seek information simply

Webinars are ideal to present our SAP product range to potential customers. Firstly, participants get the latest information about our products without major time and expense and without having to leave the workplace. In addition, any questions can be directly addressed and answered by our specialists during the Q&A sessions that follow each webinar. The webinars are kept short, lasting only 30–60 minutes and get straight to the matter at hand.

ITP Verlag GmbH

ITP Verlag GmbH, publisher of "Midrange Magazin", is also the publisher of the webinars (www.midrange.de). In addition to the implementing email campaigns, ITP provides production support for our webinars.

Other webinars, including some about other SAP products, are being planned and will be posted regularly on our website.

Are you interested in a webinar about our products?

Talk to us – we can provide a webinar and let you know everything you need to know about our products at any time.

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