Newsletter Edition 49 - October 2014

Individual reporting in BARS

Financial statement analysis using BARS aims to determine the probability of a company defaulting within the next twelve months. The financial statement analysis application gives a uniform presentation of company reports using the pre-set BARS classification scheme. The reports, which are generated to support credit decisions, reflect the bank's own classification scheme and the key indicators that are defined by the bank. The reports are designed so that analysts and risk managers can quickly get…[mehr]

The University of Cologne moves to self-service at its cash office

Automated teller safes at the University's cash office Even at a university, cash is more important than one might commonly suppose. A large number of students, for example, make their payments to the University in cash. Likewise, there are a significant amount of daily payouts. This leads to an enormous organizational and personnel workload in the cash office, in order to deal with these transactions. Already a number of years ago, the University of Cologne decided to introduce partial automation…[mehr]

Identity Management fulfils compliance requirements with increased productivity

The term Identity Management (also known as Identity and Access Management) describes the management of digital identities and their access rights within a company. It ensures that the right people have access to the appropriate data at the right time. The introduction of an identity management system enables companies not only to meet legal requirements transparently, but also to increase their efficiency in terms of authorization processes. "Who had access to a given drive at given time ?" Or…[mehr]

What will the banking world look like in 2025?

Perspectives from the "Bank and Future" Innovation Forum at the Fraunhofer Institute  Financial institutions have been facing steadily increasing challenges for years: the ever-increasing mechanization of processes, the increased use of mobile devices and continuous accessibility and online availability, as well as the loss of confidence in the financial industry and the measures taken to counteract this. These are issues which are significantly affecting the banks today. For this reason, these…[mehr]

Welcome to S&N

New trainees On 01.09.2014, a new training year at S&N began and we are pleased that this year we have once again succeeded in filling all our training courses with good candidates. Therefore, we welcome our new trainee Dominik Boecker, who is studying for a two-subject degree, where a B.Sc. in business computer science is combined with training as a specialist / consultant in software techniques. Furthermore, Artur Unger and Ron Dimitrij are beginning their training with us as specialists in applications…[mehr]

S&N is breaking new ground in education

Training at S&N has long been supplemented by training collaborations, in which additional skills are taught. There is now to be another interesting development in this training in the form of direct cooperation with S&N customers. In this way, trainees and students will in future also be able to complete their practical training directly with our customers. S&N will thus make its training even broader. In contrast to pure IT training, it will provide work experience at the interface between the…[mehr]