S&N is breaking new ground in education

Training at S&N has long been supplemented by training collaborations, in which additional skills are taught.

There is now to be another interesting development in this training in the form of direct cooperation with S&N customers. In this way, trainees and students will in future also be able to complete their practical training directly with our customers. S&N will thus make its training even broader. In contrast to pure IT training, it will provide work experience at the interface between the operating departments of a business and their IT department.

This is intended to be build up experience and knowledge of best practices amongst our young colleagues who are in training. These can range from  analysis of the specific problems of a departmental process to the traditional designing of an IT solution.

This collaboration will begin initially with SG Equipment Finance (GEFA Gesellschaft für Absatzfinanzierung). Other companies, also customers of S&N AG, will follow.

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