Welcome to S&N

New trainees

Auszubildende 2014On 01.09.2014, a new training year at S&N began and we are pleased that this year we have once again succeeded in filling all our training courses with good candidates.

Therefore, we welcome our new trainee Dominik Boecker, who is studying for a two-subject degree, where a B.Sc. in business computer science is combined with training as a specialist / consultant in software techniques. Furthermore, Artur Unger and Ron Dimitrij are beginning their training with us as specialists in applications development / technical consultants in software techniques.

S&N has been working together since 1997 with Siemens Professional Education (SPE) and ATIW (education centre for technology, information processing and business) in training their new IT recruits. This very successful cooperation and the matching, interesting practical phases in our company include a professional training in future-oriented topics. This will also benefit all the above-mentioned new arrivals. We wish you a good start and, like all your predecessors, great success in your training.

New Students

Studenten 2014The next happy occasion soon arrived In October. At the beginning of October 2014, we welcomed five new students who are beginning their studies in the dual bachelor degree programs in business computer science or business administration at the Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (FHDW) (the University of Applied Sciences). A warm welcome to our new arrivals: Kadriye Ceylan (business computer science), Pia Schröder (BWL - business administration) and Marc Oliver Lewandowsky, Timo Palnik and Florian Wesseler (all business computer science).

S&N will integrate these new colleagues into the S&N team during the practical phases of their courses and look after them as they progress through their internships. We wish you all a good start and the best of success!

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