Newsletter Edition 50 - December 2014

Application Lifecycle Services

All from one source Nowadays, a holistic approach is important not just in medicine, but also in IT, more than ever before. Just like how back pain may originate from the teeth, errors in the development of a process often only show up in support enquiries. But if one accompanies the development of an application from the initial concept, detects and corrects errors, and supports its continued development, such processes can be managed faster, they are easier to debug and applications can be maintained…[mehr]

Big Data Analytics

What is “big data”? The first known use of the term “big data” can be found in a publication from 1997. NASA scientists described “quite large data sets” that were posing interesting challenges to the computer systems of the time, since these data sets would reach the limits of available memory, local disk storage and even external memory. Of course, these limits to available memory, local disk storage and external memory have shifted significantly since 1997. But the notion of big data as expressed…[mehr]

IT Security: New threats for self-service devices

Banks provide information about account balances, allow money to be transferred or withdraw, need trust and confidentiality as the foundation of their business, and provide interfaces to their transactional systems. They have always been the focus of criminal activities. Technical progress and optimized processes have not changed that fact, but have instead opened up new rounds in the competition between good and evil. Current Attack Scenarios Recent headlines describe the current state of affairs. “Access…[mehr]

Waterfall and agility: contradiction or mutual enhancement?

Success factors in the integration of agile methods Agile methods are becoming more attractive in these times of accelerated delivery cycles, transformation of corporate cultures, increasing customer and product orientation. They can are readily integrated into existing waterfall organisations if some important keys to success are considered: Get employees on board: coaching in support of agile leadership roles is essential to prepare employees for working in an agile organisation. Introduce…[mehr]

Banking Industry Conference „Bank & Zukunft 2014“

On 17 and 18 September 2014, the eighth meeting of the banking innovation forum “Banking & the Future” was held in Frankfurt am Main. The meeting’s topic was “Customer-Bank Interaction in the age of Digitalization and Networking.” Digital networking has ushered in a new era for unrestricted interaction between customers and banks as well as among customers. On the first day, representatives from various companies presented their plans, concepts and current projects designed to address the digital…[mehr]

FHDW Wirtschaftsforum e. V.

The FHDW University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1993 as one of the first private universities in North Rhine-Westphalia. It now has more than 2,000 students at its five locations. FHDW focuses its offerings on business IT and business administration and offers dual and part-time bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. Approximately 600 companies are involved in their cooperation network. The FHDW-Wirtschaftsforum e. V. is a non-profit initiative founded in 2007 by thirteen cooperating…[mehr]

Paderborn IT Summit 2014

More freedom, more fun at work, and more options for self-expression: this is what the current generation of job candidates want from their workplace. This is also a challenge for IT organisations in the constant competition for highly skilled professionals and managers. What companies are doing today to find and retain skilled workers and what these young professionals expect from their potential employers was presented in the historic Paderborn City Hall on 26.11.2014. The participants of the…[mehr]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear customers, partners and friends of our company, at the end of the late 2014, we thank you very much for the good cooperation and partnership. It's a year too late, which has brought for S&N, and thus also for our customers and partners, important and pioneering changes. Together with the A:gon Solutions GmbH in Eschborn we have laid the foundation for a corporate group that will be available even more powerful for your convenience. We look forward to continue creating the future successfully…[mehr]