Application Lifecycle Services

All from one source

Application Lifecycle ServicesNowadays, a holistic approach is important not just in medicine, but also in IT, more than ever before. Just like how back pain may originate from the teeth, errors in the development of a process often only show up in support enquiries. But if one accompanies the development of an application from the initial concept, detects and corrects errors, and supports its continued development, such processes can be managed faster, they are easier to debug and applications can be maintained more reliably. We call this holistic view of systems and applications: application lifecycle services.

A known problem:

If an application doesn’t work, employees often look for someone who’s familiar with the system. But what if that person isn’t there? New specialists need time to get orientated and, after treating the short-term problem, they often don’t have time to consider whether they’ve actually eliminated the bug permanently. If the problem occurs again, a new specialist has to get stuck in from the beginning. That costs time and money. With holistic, long-term care of your IT processes, we assume responsibility for the overall operation of an application from beginning to end.

Application Lifecycle Services

The classical separation of application development from their operation and management is no longer appropriate to the times. Service-oriented processes and agile development processes especially require a new approach. Anyone who invents, designs, supports and continues to develop a system will always have the whole picture. We call this application lifecycle services. This includes:

  • development: where the application’s features are aligned to our customers’ needs;
  • consulting, integration and operation of applications across the entire value chain;
  • long-term maintenance, continued development and optimisation of the application landscape;
  • flexible and needs-based resource allocation; and
  • an ability to react quickly to changes in requirements.
  • The result: a permanent reduction in IT costs.

From the very beginning: S&N

Application Lifecycle ServicesToday, system landscapes age much more quickly, while demanding increased flexibility and often generating high operating costs. Increasing cost pressures and ever new mandatory conditions are constantly posing new challenges for IT.

In recent years, S&N has been able to tackle these challenges successfully in a variety of customer projects. Our references from the financial services and manufacturing industries all rely on IT solutions expertise from a single source.

In order to meet individual customer requirements over the long term, S&N has integrated application lifecycle services into its corporate structure. We offer a comprehensive and structured portfolio of service packages that take care of our customers’ needs right from the beginning.

If you would like to learn more about our application lifecycle service programme, please contact: Michael Laubsch; Turn on Javascript!