Banking Industry Conference „Bank & Zukunft 2014“

Innovationsforum "Bank & Zukunft"

On 17 and 18 September 2014, the eighth meeting of the banking innovation forum “Banking & the Future” was held in Frankfurt am Main.

The meeting’s topic was “Customer-Bank Interaction in the age of Digitalization and Networking.” Digital networking has ushered in a new era for unrestricted interaction between customers and banks as well as among customers.

On the first day, representatives from various companies presented their plans, concepts and current projects designed to address the digital challenges. In addition, the Fraunhofer Institut presented the key results of its “Bank & Zukunft 2014” study of the trends.

As in the previous year, a world café conversation was held on the second day of the conference. This involved a brainstorming session with experts from academia, research and banking that highlighted and discussed current trends and relevant issues: How can banks better understand their customers? Where are opportunities for new, innovative business approaches? And what role can and should customers play in the development of innovations?

Do you want more information about the event and about digitalisation? As a founding member of the innovation forum “Bank & Zukunft”, we are at your disposal.

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