Newsletter Edition 51 - April 2015

Crowd-funding and banks: Profit or risk?

Risk management occupies a large and important place in every German bank. Credit risks, market risks and operational risks will be chiefly considered as a matter of priority. However, current reflections on the risks of omitted business play no role. Although this raises the question of whether an important risk area is being ignored here. New business models via the Internet Due to the current historically low interest rates, which the banking sector presents its clients in the investment field,…[mehr]

20. Annual trade journal conference "Banking Technology 2014"

On 3 and 4 December 2014 in Frankfurt, the annual conference "Banking Technology" took place, S&N attended with a exhibition booth. On the 1st day the focus was the topic of "IT architecture and IT strategies for regulation and new customer requirements". Presentations from the Deutsche Bundesbank (German central bank) gave an overview of BCBS 239. Speakers from the public and private banking sectors explained the consequences for corporate strategy and IT transformation. Dr. Ricken, COO of Deutsche…[mehr]

A new perspective on online banking

Up until recent years, the term 'online banking' became for many merely a synonym for the functionality of the automated processing of payment transactions for private and business customers. The convenience of almost 7x24 service availability in combination with favourable transaction costs and/or accounts completely free of charge, quickly led to a sharp increase in consumer habits in online banking services. This trend also accelerated a shift of the entire banking landscape. In addition to the…[mehr]

S&N Invent - Value Driven Performance

The partnership of S&N and Agon Solutions has paid off. An example is our success with Thomas Cook in the area of Application Lifecycle Services. Or the internal Change project with the aim of optimizing cooperation through defined processes in selected areas. The partnership of S&N and Agon Solutions is taking shape. "In a constructive process, we have consolidated our services and defined our common service portfolio. In the meantime, the distribution responsibilities for this are now fixed and…[mehr]

SAP's new generation of software: SAP S/4HANA

On 3 February 2015 in New York, SAP presented the "SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA" - short form "SAP S/4HANA".The business solution is based entirely on the fast in-memory platform. Users benefit from a simplified data model and improved performance. SAP completely moved the business solution Business Suite SAP HANA 4 to the in-memory platform SAP HANA. The entire solution is based on the HANA platform. SAP uses Fiori as its user interface which makes the application consistently usable on mobile…[mehr]

SAP Basis - "Nearshore Managed Services" from Oberpfalz

"Our goal is to save costs while maintaining or even improving quality" - something like this is an essential requirement in talks with SAP users. At first glance, contradictory wishful thinking. Without changes these ideas are not feasible. A first step is the transfer of activities from expensive metropolitan areas such as Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg to a more favourable location. Remote work is taken for granted today - nearshoring or offshoring are the keywords. Competence, availability and…[mehr]

mailSUp - Document storage in the SAP archive

From Outlook® directly to the SAP archive In modern business processes communication with business partners and prospective clients is done, for the most part, via e-mail. Important information and documents lie in the mailboxes of clerks or are stored on local drives. A storage point for the relevant object in the SAP archive would be desirable, but is inconvenient and time-consuming to accomplish using SAP standard functions: the documents must firstly be stored locally in order to subsequently…[mehr]

High school students from Schloss Neuhaus were guests at S&N

Skills, strengths, interests and opportunities are the most important criteria in the selection of advanced courses for the qualification phase at high school. For over 8 years, S&N AG together with Ms. Eva Nicolin-Sroka from Schloss Neuhaus high school (GSN) "campaign" for an interest in the advanced course in computer science. To show the many possibilities and interesting tasks in the professional environment of computer science and to arouse fascination and enthusiasm - that is the motto of…[mehr]

The company with a heart

Recently, a major health event took place at S&N under the campaign "company with a heart". The aim was to contribute to early detection of cardiovascular disease with this special offer and thus to protect all employees. This event was made possible by close collaboration with the Heart and Diabetes Centre in Bad Oeynhausen (HDZ), that positioned a mobile testing station with a doctor and assistant at S&N in Paderborn for two days. Participation was of course voluntary and consisted of a blood…[mehr]

Good bike - inexpensive!

With spring approaching some are making their way to work by bike again. This is not only sporty but also very healthy! As for some time the company car privilege also applies to bicycles, S&N offers its employees the opportunity to use a bicycle as a job-wheel for tax-related conditions, as is the case for service vehicles. Besides the positive effect on the environment and health, this model also offers financial benefits. This high-quality, dream bike can be much cheaper than if you buy it privately.…[mehr]