mailSUp - Document storage in the SAP archive

From Outlook® directly to the SAP archive

In modern business processes communication with business partners and prospective clients is done, for the most part, via e-mail. Important information and documents lie in the mailboxes of clerks or are stored on local drives.

mailSUp - Dokumentenablage ins SAP-ArchivA storage point for the relevant object in the SAP archive would be desirable, but is inconvenient and time-consuming to accomplish using SAP standard functions: the documents must firstly be stored locally in order to subsequently upload the relevant object to the archive in the SAP GUI using the function "Object Services".

S&N offers its customers the Outlook Add-In mailSUp (mail to SAP upload) which greatly simplifies and accelerates the process for the fleet and insTRA business objects.

mailSUp - Dokumentenablage ins SAP-ArchivIn Outlook, you can locate the relevant SAP object and, by means of the drag'n'drop function, place e-mails and their attachments in the SAP archive.

You can also rename documents before storage and attach a comment.

For this process you do not need SAP GUI!

Due to the increased demand from our customers this tool has now been more comfortably designed and is geared towards the needs of all SAP users.

It is now possible to connect mailSUp in a matter of minutes to any SAP business object by means of SAP Customising. All the settings required for operate in SAP Customising and they are immediately available to you and your colleagues in  mailSUp in Microsoft Outlook®.

By using mailSUp you can store all correspondence including e-mail attachments easily and comfortably in compliance with the SAP ArchiveLink standards in the SAP archive.

How does it work?

In SAP you use a so-called search help to identify a specific object, for example accounts receivable.

mailSUp - Dokumentenablage ins SAP-ArchivA search help (F4 Help) is a standard feature of an SAP system. The user can display the list of all possible input values for an input field using the search help. The possible input values may be supplemented by explanatory additional information.

In order to find a customer in an SAP dialogue, SAP provides various search helps:

  • Accounts receivable general
  • Accounts receivable per company code
  • Accounts receivable per country/company code
  • Accounts receivable per country
  • Accounts receivable per personnel number
  • Accounts receivable by tax information

Depending on the selected search help different input values are available in order to find the desired customer.

All you need to do in order to be able to file mailSUp e-mails and their attached documents with the accounts receivable, is to enter the corresponding business object (LFA1) in a customising table.

If you want to offer your users more search help to a business object, you can do this with the help of the variants.

Immediately the mailSUp users can now search within Microsoft Outlook® by accounts and place the appropriate correspondence in the SAP archive.

As an option, you can now individually customise the order of the fields and their description as well as the order and column headers in the results table.

It is easy to introduce mailSUp in your business. In addition to the add-in for Microsoft Outlook® you still get a SAP transport, which contains the logic and customising tables. You will also receive detailed customising and user documentation.

If you still require assistance, our specialists will help you with the configuration of your business objects. mailSUp is available for Microsoft Outlook® 2007, 2010 and 2013. The licensing model offers individual license packages  as well as a client-oriented company license.

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