S&N Invent - Value Driven Performance

S&N Invent - Value Driven PerformanceThe partnership of S&N and Agon Solutions has paid off. An example is our success with Thomas Cook in the area of Application Lifecycle Services. Or the internal Change project with the aim of optimizing cooperation through defined processes in selected areas.

The partnership of S&N and Agon Solutions is taking shape. "In a constructive process, we have consolidated our services and defined our common service portfolio. In the meantime, the distribution responsibilities for this are now fixed and we have already defined the first common processes. You can really say: The Change process is well underway and is already paying off", says Udo Peters, CEO of Agon Solutions.

S&N and Agon Solutions want to be stronger together for the customer. The joint success at Thomas Cook AG in the area of Application Lifecycle Services is an example that we are on the right track. Our range of Application Lifecycle Services is a complete package of coordinated individual modules that can be flexibly combined as needed. In its search for a partner for the operation of travel sales software outside of Thomas Cook AG's core operating hours, our client Thomas Cook chose the modules "service" and "operational support".

S&N Invent - Value Driven PerformanceThe pilot phase of six months began with the preparation and planning of the handover (Transition Plan). This included the completion of the service requirements, the coordination of the SLAs, the agreement to reporting and the QS Plan. Then the creation of the maintenance documentation, testing of the maintenance processes as well as the verification of the quantity structure took place. The mobilisation of the joint support team followed then through close cooperation directly on-site with the customers during the shadowing phase.

Our professional services offered in combination with advanced services and the ability offer development is needed, persuaded Thomas Cook has to put its confidence in us and start this success story.

 "We are excellently positioned today as a medium-sized and in particular customer-oriented group of companies with more than 220 permanent employees. The core of our persuasive performance portfolio is formed by our broad consulting expertise, efficient and proactive managed services, long-standing and recognised experience in methodical software development based on the latest technologies and investment-friendly networking of mainframe and web applications. Extensive SAP expertise as well as  professional requirements, project and quality management complement our range of services." Says Josef Tillmann, Chairman of S&N AG.

However, our efforts to be more efficient together are not just outwardly targeted at the customer. We are also looking inward. In many areas, such as ICT, HR and distribution, we were able to achieve synergies in 2014. Based on these positive experiences of the last few months, we have decided to regulate and optimise the collaborative work in selected areas - of course according to our high quality standards, professionally organised in the form of a Change project. Synergies have an impact on everyone, which is why all employees are involved at an early stage and are kept continually up to date as part of the Change project. 

S&N Invent - Value Driven PerformanceA first and important sub-project in this context was the realignment of the resourcing field. The successful resourcing of Agon Solutions with its defined processes and staffing was transferred to S&N Invent GmbH and now supports the joint distribution of the group of companies. In this overall process, we also integrated the resources and needs of S&N AG, so that our customers can benefit from a larger pool of resources and a broader skill set.

Meanwhile, we have also established strategic marketing at the level of S&N Invent. Here, a homogenous market approach is taken care of and focuses on the joint optimised service portfolio. The conception of a new corporate design of the group of companies is also among the tasks ahead. The group will present itself on the market soon as S&N Invent with a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of services and a unique appearance.

The cross-divisional area of HR management will also soon come under the jurisdiction of S&N Invent. However, we are already using synergies in human resources in the form of joint training for employees. In the next step, we plan to optimise the employee recruiting concept together.

S&N Invent - Value Driven PerformanceWe consider our employees as stakeholders in the Change project, we integrate them early - and are using the same high standards as for customer projects. Therefore, we have defined a process-oriented approach and have formed sub-projects for each relevant process. In joint workshops we process the requests, which the partnership brings and jointly define appropriate, efficient processes. The sub-project organisation then safeguards the consistent documentation in a process manual. On the question of what particularly pleases him about the collaboration of Agon Solutions and S&N, a colleague said: "The ideas that you express are tackled energetically and quickly. That's fun." The fun of working together, a wider set of resources and expertise, efficient cross-divisional areas and an extensive range of services end-to-end ... the results of our "Change" all act in the interests of our customers. The essential guiding principle for us remains at every "Change" unchangeable: customer orientation. 

S&N Invent GmbH

S&N Invent - Value Driven PerformanceS&N AG and Agon Solutions GmbH bundle their services and offerings under the joint parent company, S&N Invent GmbH. Both companies are even more efficient and attractive with their joint portfolio, improved national presence, a significant increase in personnel and excellent, complementary skills. With more than 220 employees in six locations in Germany, the S&N group is in an excellent position in order to cope with the upcoming challenges in the IT-based optimisation of business processes, in the implementation and renovation of new and existing software solutions as well as in all areas of IT infrastructure. 

A key focus sector for the S&N group is - as before - the financial sector. Here, we provide current and innovative technology as well as industry-specific architectural know-how. Our outstanding bank-specific expertise has positioned us for years as a preferred consulting, solutions and service partner for numerous renowned financial institutions. Our offerings for the financial services industry also include successful products in the areas of credit management and financial statement analysis, insurance administration and solutions for optimising cash processes.