SAP Basis - "Nearshore Managed Services" from Oberpfalz

SAP-Basis - „Nearshore Managed Services“ aus der Oberpfalz"Our goal is to save costs while maintaining or even improving quality" - something like this is an essential requirement in talks with SAP users. At first glance, contradictory wishful thinking. Without changes these ideas are not feasible. A first step is the transfer of activities from expensive metropolitan areas such as Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg to a more favourable location. Remote work is taken for granted today - nearshoring or offshoring are the keywords. Competence, availability and reliability are the performance features of quality.

All of this can be excellently combined by bundling disciplines in a remote operating "Centre of Excellence". Why not take experience from similar projects and scenarios in services and make it available for every customer?

Nearshore is often connected with the exercise of remote operations in neighbouring countries. Our SAP Basis team offers services to help low-level and application-oriented SAP Basis from our German nearshore centre in Parsberg. Besides the classic advantages of a "Centre of Excellence", the proximity to our customers allows an integrated workflow - regular consultation workshops with the customer e.g. temporary assignments in the SAP implementation phase, migration and transition phase etc.. .. The "Managed Services SAP Basis" are firmly integrated into the overall "S&N Application Lifecycle Management Organisation" and thus fulfill the necessary compliance requirements. Nearshore from Germany - which means "understanding" - both professionally, regulatory and technologically.

Managed Services SAP Basis

SAP Basis Services encompasses all areas on an application-related and system-related basis. Thereby service management coordinates with the clients individually agreed, growing disciplines along the entire value chain.

Our team of specialists is positioned to manage responsibly all relevant areas and to take over or, in close cooperation with the customer and other service providers, to process sub-areas. The approach is based on the ITIL model, where customised changes to customer-specific processes count among the strengths of our flexible managed services.

The "Core Services" of the application and system-related SAP Basis will be supported by cross-sectional services. These continually ensure improvements and simplifications for the entire "Lifecycle" of a SAP environment, extensive quality management and test management as well as detailed pre and post-reporting. According to customers individually agreed service scope and the SAP surrounding various management tools are used. The "SAP Solution Manager" as an enterprise management platform has an important role.

S&N "Managed Services SAP Basis" rely on standards and offer within the scope of customer-specific service level agreements (SLAs) an optimal and stable SAP landscape, necessary security for the user .

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