The company with a heart

Unternehmen mit HerzRecently, a major health event took place at S&N under the campaign "company with a heart". The aim was to contribute to early detection of cardiovascular disease with this special offer and thus to protect all employees. This event was made possible by close collaboration with the Heart and Diabetes Centre in Bad Oeynhausen (HDZ), that positioned a mobile testing station with a doctor and assistant at S&N in Paderborn for two days.

Participation was of course voluntary and consisted of a blood pressure test and tests for heartbeat, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Also, a short-ECG for the detection of arrhythmias was carried out. The results obtained from this were then delivered personally and confidentially to each participant after evaluation by the HDZ. If applicable, they enable individuals to take preventive measures to protect their own health.

S&N is proud that this event attracted a great deal of interest and was rated by all staff as extremely positive. Nearly 40% of all employees participated in this study. S&N will continue to offer further campaigns in the future, not only because of the positive response to events such as this but to set the goal to continue to improve occupational health care for all employees.

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