Newsletter Edition 53 - October 2015

Electronic Submission of Balance Sheet

There are about two million companies in Germany that prepare their balance sheets at least once a year. As part of lending credit, under the Banking Act (Law on Banking) banks are required to analyse and evaluate budgets above a certain loan amount. Lending thus essentially depends on the image of the financial situation a bank has from the customer's balance sheet. Current balance records Banks use balance records and analysis systems for this process, such as the BARS product from S&N AG. The…[mehr]

Basel III makes loans more expensive

An empirical analysis of the impact of more stringent capital requirements on lending rates for businesses As part of her Master's thesis at the Department of Risk Management of the House of Finance at the Goethe Business School in Frankfurt am Main, author Franziska Mühlenkord carried out a study on the new Basel III capital requirements, the adaptation strategies of banks for them, and the various channels through which the adjustments affected the real sector. The concept of the thesis was developed…[mehr]

Big data for databases and reporting

Big data is the key technical challenge in recent years. Big data technology makes solutions possible which previously appeared conceivable at most in specific niches of research. As a driving force behind this development, we can see the data and record that more data has been accumulated in recent years than in the entirety of human history. Additionally, it refers to the rate at which this amount of data is growing exponentially every year. However, the question of why it did not happen until…[mehr]

Compliance and open source licences

In brief, open source means that the software can be used and shared freely with the source code and without any restrictions, and derivative works may be distributed. This freedom does not mean that there can be no legal problems with using open source. Because open source software is also subject to licencing terms and unfortunately there are a great variety of different open source licences, some of which contradict each other. To determine whether an unknown software licence can be considered…[mehr]

Lifecycle Management for Open Source

S&N AG has a long history of open source software. Besides working in several open source communities, products, customised solutions, and stacks were created on open standards. The requirements for the use of open source based solutions are complex and increasing in recent years. It is now indisputable that in the use of open source, a lifecycle management should always be used that covers the various aspects from the fields of security, governance, and maintenance transparently and comprehensibly. Where…[mehr]

Red Hat - Top Topics and News

Buzzwords like "dockerisation", "DevOps" and "continuous delivery" are currently circling in the IT world, but there is a lot more hidden behind them than just hot air. If you consider the operation of solutions in the customer's environment, this will take place either in their own data centres or with a service provider. Whether a large service provider or a small host, different tools and processes always have to be used using extensive technical expertise. The interest in standardisation is…[mehr]

New trainees at S&N

In September, the new training year began at S&N. We are pleased to again receive young people who have opted for challenging and professional training at our company or to study at FHDW. Our training team will again be strengthened this year by eight new young people who have all previously passed their university entrance with very good grades.   We welcome Maja Brinkmann, Michael Dunsche, David Florian Pauli, and Jonas Rieskamp, who are beginning a Bachelor of Business Computer Science combined…[mehr]

Congratulations on Master's degree

S&N AG congratulates Franziska Mühlenkord on completing her "Master's in Finance". Franziska has been employed by S&N since 2012 and has completed this intensive degree in addition to her demanding part-time work at a large German bank at the Goethe Business School of the University of Frankfurt. She is thus amongst the first to have achieved this type of degree. S&N supported her commitment through partial exemption. You can find an excerpt of her Master's thesis in the article "Basel III makes…[mehr]