Lifecycle Management for Open Source

Open Source Lifecycle Management - more than consultation

Utilization of open sourceS&N AG has a long history of open source software. Besides working in several open source communities, products, customised solutions, and stacks were created on open standards. The requirements for the use of open source based solutions are complex and increasing in recent years. It is now indisputable that in the use of open source, a lifecycle management should always be used that covers the various aspects from the fields of security, governance, and maintenance transparently and comprehensibly.

Where are the challenges in detail?

Particularly in the wake of increasingly strong networking with customers and partners, the use of open source has resulted in a number of criteria and risks that need to be considered in addition to the many advantages. These are for example:

  • the assessment and management of identified vulnerabilities
  • the long-term maintenance of the software, esp. for older versions
  • checking the licence models with regard to the type of use of the libraries
  • a possible infringement of patents and copyrights
  • ensuring the availability of the source code of the open source software
  • consideration of the architectural requirements and targets
  • the reuse of open source for comparable requirements

In the S&N Invent Group we support our customers and interested users in close cooperation with the Agon Solutions GmbH in the analysis and design of an open source solution individually tailored to them and are happy to then assist them in implementing it.

Where to start ...

On the basis of a proven process model, we help you to get an overview of the current situation to classify the risks and to make a gap analysis based on a previously discussed target scenario. The results of this consultant package are documented evaluations for the actual analysis, the target image, the requirements, and a solution sketch. All this guarantees our customers a deeper understanding about the use of open source.

… and what happens next?

Then, based on the knowledge gained, the present OS lifecycle management is refined, optimised, or an individually tailored open source lifecycle management is defined and established. Again, due to our long-term experience we are able to assist our customers throughout all phases - from conception to operation.

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