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Main topic - More than just buzzwords

Buzzwords like "dockerisation", "DevOps" and "continuous delivery" are currently circling in the IT world, but there is a lot more hidden behind them than just hot air.

If you consider the operation of solutions in the customer's environment, this will take place either in their own data centres or with a service provider. Whether a large service provider or a small host, different tools and processes always have to be used using extensive technical expertise. The interest in standardisation is very high, but has so far been mostly structured only in conventions and work instructions.

DockerWith Docker, unexpected help comes in the actual supply of software. "Dockerisation" allows software to be loaded into a container with its dependencies. Manual adjustments by the administrator are no longer necessary. Docker encourages the developer along with the administrator to think about the confection parameters. The developer provides a Docker image or its building instructions, the administrator connects this image with the correct confection parameters for the production and starts the container. The developer and administrator no longer only work side by side, but hand in hand.

"Continuous delivery" drives holistic understanding to the extreme: developers, testers, supporters, and administrators work on one product: the satisfaction of the user.

Fabric8With Fabric8, Red Hat offers a complete solution to ( First, Fabric8 provides a continuous integration process with Git, Nexus, SonarQube and Jenkins, and second, it manages processes in multiple environments (testing, acceptance, production) including cloud management. This environment can be rented to the customer's servers (on-premise), or to different cloud providers.

With version3, Red Hat's PAAS product "Open Shift" has undergone a radical change to Docker. Fabric8 thus finds its perfect ecosystem in OpenShiftV3.

The cloud abstracts concrete machinery in Docker container runtime environments and Fabric8 organises the distribution of Docker processes and provides the network connections according to configuration. Operating environments can thus be set up consisting of several IT systems, e.g. for acceptance tests. As an example, we can mention here the ability to create any number of acceptance environments with different release sets. There is no more controversy over the scarce and unique resource "acceptance environment".

Since the beginning of this year, we have been assisting our first major customers in the introduction of a docking-aided infrastructure. We will introduce Docker in development, acceptance, and production while creating new processes and new responsibilities. Exciting times which we are delighted to be part of.

Latest News

Adjustment to the Red Hat Subscription

redhat LearningAs of now, Red Hat has expanded its subscription programme to a learning version, which offers you as a customer access to all Red Hat online training courses. This programme allows self-paced learning and thus provides the option of integrating the different classes and units in everyday work. For one year, you will get access to all courses and their updates. The courses are staggered so that the right course is available for every skill level and they can be continuously extended. For just €4,880, you will receive one-year access to the Red Hat learning subscription. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.   

Red Hat Events and Webinars

Red Hat has a wide variety of events about current technological issues and trends. Diverse top current webinars are in particular offered in the area of webinars, which are appreciated by customers and partners alike. ( Take a look - it's worth it.

Red Hat Partner KonferenzThe highlight for all partners is the Red Hat Partner Conference, which was held this year from 4 to 7 October in Frankfurt. The partner conference was opened by senior Red Hat representatives, who presented the key issues in the market and at Red Hat in their keynote. New product updates and roadmaps were introduced there. In exclusive 1: 1 meetings, we were able to bring the needs and wishes of our customers directly to Red Hat as a partner. In addition, a wide range of presentations and hands-on technical workshops were offered to further expand your own expertise. We are happy to present to you the topics introduced there.

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