Newsletter Edition 54 - December 2015

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Dear Readers, Together with our good wishes for the upcoming holidays and the coming year 2016, we would like to thank you for your cooperation and the confidence you placed in us again in this outgoing year 2015. We would be happy to be able to continue our collaboration with you and our partner A:gon Solutions part of S & N Invent group of companies, and shape a successful future. You can find the articles of the newsletter in the news summary and the complete newsletter in PDF format, click here. If…[mehr]

Cash for asylum seekers - by automatic pay station with CETIS-CH

Counties, cities and small communities are faced with a constant stream of refugees. In the public debate it is often only the most urgent problem in focus, how to accommodate the many people. But also many other tasks provide the municipalities with personnel and organizational challenges such as helping the refugees with cash. So that many people can be supplied with cash, various emergency procedures have evolved in recent months. In most cases this is accompanied by a large number of personnel.…[mehr]


As part of the program DSM Digital Sales and Marketing GEFA - Société Générale Equipement Finance Germany it was decided in 2014 to provide an online platform for the wholesale financing. The GEO - GEFA EKF Online, the first application of GEFA's digitization initiative is put into operation. It is the first software development project in which the entire development of the online services platform has been carried out by the Societe Generale Global Solution Center (SG GSC) in Bangalore, India. The…[mehr]

Modular design for the web

The polymer project is ambitious even for Google's yardsticks. It aims to raise the web development to a new level and is the first framework to work with WebComponents (see page margin). As proof of concept, the UI elements of the material design are supplied as components. That does not sound spectacular? But it is! Polymer and especially the UI elements are quite special. Google has introduced the material design with Android 5. It is a modern, minimalist design with clean layout, unique metaphors…[mehr]

Responsive Design for existing systems?

What demands do you place on the usability of a web application or web site? As users of web applications and sites, we increasingly expect that they function in different contexts of use: Both the classic use with mouse & keyboard, as well as on a tablet in the customer conversation and on the train with your smartphone with unstable connectivity. On the technical side, these claims create new and significantly more complex demands on the functionality and design of the user interface in order…[mehr]

Expert meeting "Software Testing"

The s-lab - Software Quality Lab of the University of Paderborn organized from the 15-16.10.15 the 38th Meeting of the Section for testing, analysis and verification of software (TAV). In the Street-of-the Future, Fürstenallee, experts from research and practice discuss the subject "Mastering Test Complexity". The Section TAV, part of the Department of Software Engineering society for computer science (GI) is one of Germany's most active communities in the area of testing. At the meeting this year…[mehr]

Specification, quality and test management in agile projects

In today's software development, the agile methods are becoming increasingly important. They are the answer to the rapidly changing or initially incomplete specifications of the software. The "Agile Manifesto" recommends a lightweight approach. One prominent and widespread agile method is Scrum. Whereby, with the help of self-organizing teams in short iterations (1 to 4 week sprints), the entire life cycle of software development processes is repeatedly run through and thus the software, over executable…[mehr]

Congratulations to the Masters

The S&N AG congratulates Oliver Kretschmann, Vladimir Protasow and Martin Pietrek warmly on achieving their master's degree. All three have written highly interesting topics. Martin Pietrek successfully completed the Master of Science Business Computer Science degree at the Fachhochschule Dortmund. In his master's thesis he dealt with the theme: "Development of a guideline for the IT outsourcing to India for agile software projects with Scrum".  Oliver Kretschmann has successfully completed the…[mehr]

S&N Invent is online

This site is new. And it's extraordinary! Because we present our Company's portfolio with new accents. The know-how and the services of S&N and Agon Solutions can now be found under the umbrella of S&N invent:  The particularity lies in the breadth of information. Our specialists describe how they support business processes anytime, anywhere with the appropriate services. They also show the importance of technical knowledge in order to develop concrete solutions. Of course, you…[mehr]