Cash for asylum seekers - by automatic pay station with CETIS-CH

Counties, cities and small communities are faced with a constant stream of refugees. In the public debate it is often only the most urgent problem in focus, how to accommodate the many people. But also many other tasks provide the municipalities with personnel and organizational challenges such as helping the refugees with cash.

So that many people can be supplied with cash, various emergency procedures have evolved in recent months. In most cases this is accompanied by a large number of personnel. In addition, the handling of cash by employees poses numerous risks. With CETIS-CH as a self-checkout solution, which is already used in many industries for payments and receipts and has now been adapted specifically to the needs of the public administration, this process can now be automated to a large extent.

Automated cash payment per cash dispenser - How does it work?

By importing the corresponding customer and payment data from the respective process all process data can be transferred to CETIS-CH. For each asylum applicant a private "credit account" is created with the corresponding entitlement to benefits as the balance. Each applicant will receive, once only, a customer card from the person in charge. This card can then be used for all monthly payments, without the need for the applicant to speak with his clerk again. 

CETIS Auszahlung

Included in CETIS-CH is a reporting system, which can be used to monitor when a service has been paid and also how long since a certain person was no longer at the pay station. Funds that have not been retrieved by the recipient can be credited back.

Via a so-called disbursement plan, it can be individually determined, e.g. whether an asylum seeker should receive a wekly part payment or the full sum as a one-off payment. If a large number of payments are to be made, they can be divided over several dates using a payment schedule.

With the standard solution CETIS-CH, multiple targets may be achieved at the same time. Firstly, significant safety improvements in the area of cash management can be achieved. The hazard potential that always exists when larger sums of cash are handled is significantly reduced through the use of cash machines. And there is significantly less burden on the administrator and the cashiers .

The CETIS-CH solution

  • Clerks work with CETIS over browser
  • Registration of asylum seekers
  • Assignment of customer cards for monthly payments (card management)
  • Creation of one-time arrangements for special needs, such as initial baby clothing
  • Management of card deposit
  • Controlling payout frequency and dates
  • Roles and rights management


  • Increased security in cash handling / repository on the pay machines
  • Time and cost savings: manual processes / payment operations are dropped
  • Rapid handling of each disbursement without being tied to POS opening times
  • Automatic integration of security transport company for a smooth filling of the pay machines

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