Balance Sheet Analysis with BARS

BARS - Balance Sheet Analysis and Reporting System

With the introduction of Basel II the quantitative annual finance statement has an increasing influence on the risk management. Here, BARS which was developed by S&N in cooperation with leading commercial banks is ahead of its time.

BARS has extended the traditional frame of the annual finance statement focussing only on statistical annual finance statement and profit and loss statement data with analytical functions. Peer group analysis, benchmark comparisons and branch averages are a vital part of BARS. Cash flow statements, ratings and budgeting can be added to your version on request.

To constantly offer you the best applications for intelligent balance sheet analysis systems, S&N always keeps an eye on the latest developments and inventions on a technological, bank related and legal level. 


Target groups and references

From the beginning, BARS has been created to perfectly integrate in existing credit processes. 

While the credit process can vary depending on the client's branch, the requirements to the balance sheet analysis is almost unitary for all institutions. With the client's annual reports at hand the analyst has to extract the most reliable assumptions about the client's debt service ability. BARS includes a data module that allows realizing this process in a unitary way, irrespective of the client's size and balancing standard.

This makes BARS the ideal solution for every financial institution, irrespective of the branch to analyze. 

Our references include more than 200 banks that have opted for BARS since its introduction in 2005 which impressively supports our approach. Among our clients are leasing companies with just five analyists up to major banks with more than 4,000 employees.


BARS combines the advantages of a product with those of a custom-made software

As the responsible person in risk management you often have to face the decision between a product and an individual solution.

An individual solution has the advantage of high flexibility as well as the possibility to adopt to existing processes in an effective manner. On the other hand there is always the risk of a misguided development and usually higher projects costs and runtime compared to a ready-made standard product.

Most of the time a standard product is cheaper to purchase and faster to set up than a custom-made solution, but these advantages come at a price: A lack of flexibility as well the risk of using a product that at one time can not keep up with the requirements in your company. 

BARS combines both approachs in an impressive way: You can easily start using an existing and well-established product at low costs. On top of that, BARS is capable of growing with your increasing requirements and offers optimal investment protection.

What's next?

Get in touch with us. We would be pleased to present to you the possibilities of BARS and make you an individual offer.

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