Cash Solutions

Cash is and will stay a vital part of monetary transactions, be it in banks, retail, companies, community or social institutions.

This is a fact that has an large impact on organization, human ressources and security in companies. Apart from the big efforts that are caused by using petty cashes and manually adjusting and booking cash in- and outflow keeping large amounts of cash is a big security risk for employees and companies.

Self-service terminals, that allow for direct monetary transactions in an automated manner are a future-headed alternative. Add to this a flexible and multifunctional software solution and the result is a integrated approach to optimizing not only existing transactions but also other departments like administration and organization. You will offer higher security, reduce the error-proneness and minimize the cost.


In everyday life self-service terminals like ATMs or bank statement printers have become an accepted and essential part of our banking business.

They are associated with simple handling for everybody, high security and robustness in daily usage, more customer security, and at the same time high economic efficiency. Wherever cash in- and outflows are handled by employees automated cash safes create a friendly and open customer atmosphere — ensuring safe cash handling without bulletproof glass.

S&N AG offers CETIS Cash Handling (CH) and WEB AKT (Web Device Controller) to put all these advantages efficiently and successfully into practice in different ways: As an AKT web service to allow vendor-neutral integration into a client's individual cash applications, as autonomous solutions for cash in- and outflow in self-service and AKT infrastructures, or as solution completely integrated with the booking and accounting systems.

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