Cetis Cash Handling

Cash in- and outflow processes and relevant accounting methods are supported in the best way possible: S&N offer CETIS Cash Handling (CH) — a self-sufficient solution to handle cash professes.

CETIS CH integrates seamlessly into a company's processes and existing method environments. The integrations is realized using established interface technologies. In combination with a flexible configuration and an individual implementation of the solution you get a continuous and comprehensible  process — from supplying the service to incoming and outgoing payments at the automats (ATM, automated cash safe) and booking into an account-holding system. Throughout the development of the software we put a big effort into ergonomics and usability.

By using administrative processes at petty cashes we increase the efficiency just as much as improving the availability of services for customers.

This helps with handling cash payments to benefit recipients of social institutions, witness compensation, communes, energy supplier allowances and real estate management companies, or incoming and outgoing payments in SPAR- UND BAUVEREINEN.

Naturally our solution is self-sufficient which means it works just as well without being integrated into a booking system.

Download: Specifications Sheet CETIS CH