CETIS CH for social institutions

Supporting independence. Empowering self-responsibility.

Supporting people in their everyday life. Empowering their self dependence. Those are the key missions of social institutions. Usually people living in these social institutions have their own bank account, which is administered to a certain extent as an account in trust. Incoming and outgoing payments are taken care of by supervisors or employees of the petty cashes.

By replacing the petty cashes with a self-service solution the resident's claim for benefits and information regarding the discretionary cash administration as well as incoming and outgoing payment processes at the central cashpoint are handled. Additionally, incoming and outgoing payments for employees can be done at an ATM using CETIS CH and customer terminals like bank statement printers can be used for further services like internal transactions or supplementary information.

Customers gain a little everyday life and independence. Supervisors and employees are supported in their pedagogic work, relaxation and security.

The solution is capable of handling pay offs of cash money, earnings, food money and clothing support to customers, factoring in responsibilities against sponsors and individually supports the realization of agreements made in dept counseling. Using a bank statement printer customers can overview their bank account situation and activities at all time. Authorized employees can also take care of incoming and outgoing payments in lieu of the customers.

The solution, which can be adapted to existing procedural structures, allow for documentation of all cash flow activities and a gapless traceability and auditing acceptability.

Continuous processes and a handicapped accessible solution help optimizing in various areas of cash policy and financial accounting. They offer an integrated approach to increasing efficiency, improving service and security in everyday life and thus to significantly lowering costs for the institutions

A big surplus — for everyone

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