CETIS CH for real estate companies

Rent and additional property expenses are increasingly paid for with cash. On a closer look this simple statement turns out be a complex challenge to the companies and its employees as well as to the tenants:

Cash offices and personnel have to be allocated, cash money has to be held available and tenants are bound to business hours to pay expenses, pick up recoveries or just get information on their leasing account.

Holding the cash money available alone is a big security risk. Additionally the cash transactions which include manually counting out the cash point and booking the incoming payments cause high costs for the companies.

The employment of ATMS in combination with a highly flexible solution to automate the payments, offers a better service and freedom for the tenants on the one hand and a massive simplification of payment processes and more security fo the company on the other.

This solutions meets the demands of the account owners that primarily want to process incoming and outgoing payments and fetch information about previous transactions as well as those of the company that long for integrated processes to simplify managing the outstanding payment requests.

Economical, efficient and customer-friendly

CETIS CH is an integrated approach to optimizing payments. It handles claims management and also significantly supports and simplifies other areas of accounting.

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Download: Flyer „CETIS Cash Handling für Wohnungsbau- / Immobilienverwaltungsgesellschaften“