Web Device Controller

Peripheral control — a subject that cost and risk analysis in banking and retail constantly focus on regarding inventions or improvements of applications, for example at the cash point.

The subject covers all peripheral devices that are part of day-to-day business, like automated cash safes, pass book printer, various hardware to read chip or magnet cards or increasingly devices to identify biometric attributes.

The problem here is the controlling, varying between makers, the required know-how and the complexity which increases when implementing hardware of different makers.

This is where S&N AG comes into play with the Web Device Controller: The Web Device Controller turns every piece of hardware into a service that behaves just like any other service you integrate into an application. Including easy operation and integration into the infrastructure.

Massive simplification

Web Device Controller connects homogeneous but technically independent devices and turns them into one single device with extended functionality. This makes the integration into the application a merely business/functional oriented process and drastically simplifies the development of cross-maker applications.

Surplus without modifying the application

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