Financial & Enterprise Business Intelligence

From informative reporting to operative business intelligence

The relevance and necessity of reliable and significant early warning system and stress tests became obvious long before the recurring discussions about risk management.

How to manage the increasing amount of data?
How to verify which data is relevant for the rating and how reliable is it?
How to ensure actuality and clearness; how to obtain data quickly and present it best to analyze.

The requirements to efficient and flexible reporting and analysis functions increase at the same speed as the amount of data to process. Besides traditional tasks, these functions support planning processes and simulations, allow for direct integration into office function, or secure the allocation of highly concentrated and detailed information for management and IT departments.

How will the different risk groups develop, how to evaluate the market, credit, or object risks?
How will the new business emerge?
Will the market accept new products as expected?

Those are questions that are the basis of entrepreneurial decisions — not only regarding risk management.

From practical experience to practical experience for leasing companies and object financing business

One main focus of S&N's range of products and services lies on structuring, evaluating and analyzing financial and corporate data.

Based on long experience in supplying a scalable and powerful data warehouse and BI solutions we have developed Enterprise Business Information, a product and solution package that has been custom-built to address the specific requirements of object financing institutes.

A guarantee for a immediate and high Return on Investment

In cooperation with leasing companies and object financing business we have developed an extensive, branch-oriented data warehouse. Tools and methods are used to efficiently and quickly connect relevant source systems, to justify, validate or transform data and thereby securing data quality and consistency.

Tailored to suit the market's need S&N offers a variety of reporting and analytical modules, that start with contract, segment and cooperation reporting, that includes efficient sales management and analytical CRM functions and addresses performance, risk and liquidity management. Additionally it complies with bank-specific requirement regarding Basel and Basel II and registration.

The product is supplemented by consulting and project features that cover the entire value added chain and allow a target-oriented, efficient implementation and a successful operation of the solution.

This primarily includes the systematical analysis of functional and technical requirements and the business case definition on both a qualitative and quantitative level. A proven procedure modell and profound methods create the required transparency regarding content and benefit as well as expenses and costs towards optimal profitability of the solution.

BI: Informative, dispositive, operative


The most important value of every company is their clients and employees. Yet, just as important are the data that is used and created in those companies.

BI solutions are made to structure, analyze and bundle the information — meaning the collected experience of a company — and process it goal- and application-oriented to make it available and usable.

Nothing more, but nothing less.

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