Enterprise Business Information

The reporting analyzing modules as well as the associated data model and the included tools and practices of the solution are based on S&N's longtime experience in object financing business. They have been proved and tested for years.


Data Warehouse / EBI Foundation

The solution is based on the Data Warehouse with the EBI Foundation. This includes a data model/universe for leasing companies and object financing institutes, its role and authorization concept as wel as the BI portal with its reporting and analyzing features.

  • The relevant components for reporting, OLAP, Dashboard, Live Office (MS Office Integration) and planing/simulation and performance management. (Being an integral part of this product we are utilizing the most up to date components of the market leader Business Objects/SAP)
  • An extensive data model for leasing companies/object financing institutes for Core and Hist as well as the respective universe.
  • Comfortable tools and practices for individual customization or adaption of the data modell, the universe, and the predefined reporting and analyzation modules.
  • Extensive tools and practices for data integration from source systems (Creation/Setup of the ETL layer - staging area).
  • Powerful tools and practices for the making the data plausible and validate it., for creating/setting up rules to test for plausible data and creation of respective reports.
  • Efficient tools and practices for transforming the data (mapping data from the source system to the data model), transferring data from core and hist, loading the data into the aggregation section.

EBI reporting and analyzation modules

These modules offer a predefined form of evaluation and reporting, which can be set up for company or sales management, product and campaign management that allows for a fast, efficient, and cost-effective usage and going live.

The technical modules include all relevant functions such as reports, dashboard, OLAP, relevant metrics and attributes. Via web services and SOA systems the system offers extended connection options, an improved BI information requesting and comprehensive analysis form OLAP data form various data sets. The new Business Intelligence Search is particularly comfortable: BI reports can be created by simply entering relevant keywords. The LiveOffice feature offers Microsoft Office integration. The end users can access their data and reports directly from within Office applications

Planning and Simulation

In addition to the integration of relevant source systems the system allows the summarization of planing, budgeting and forecasting in an integrated manner. This also includes the recording and modification of design data and scenario simulation.

Workflow Management and Commentary

One aspect which is of particular importance for the analyzation and planning is the exchange of analysis results and corresponding analysis reports between employees. This makes it possible to add comments to initial planning and analysis results and the forwarding to colleagues for further analysis and evaluation. Everybody with the necessary authorization can look at and depending on the delegation actively work on the editing and analyzation.