The Document Composition System OMS

With OMS you have access to the entire corporate communication using a central infrastructure. The intuitive online correspondence system helps you to reduce costs already when creating documents and at the same time creating them on in highly individualized manner. Cost reductions of up to 75% are possible.

Existing systems almost exclusively focus on single operational applications which has certain undesirable effects:

  • Heterogeneous document layouts
  • High and redundant creation costs
  • Difficulties when controlling and connecting distribution instruments
  • Missing important figures
  • Client feedback and information can not be included

A holisticly set up OMS focusses on your individual business requirements. Most file formats and applications can be integrated into OMS. Isolated applications for data conversion and connection is replaced by an efficient and high performance OMS. Templates are created and maintained centralized using a Content Management System. Take full advantage of a central OMS and optimize your sales approach while noticably reducing your costs.

Your advantages

  • One system for your entire client correspondence and document creation
  • ROI within six to twelve months
  • Integration into workflow applications through open standards
  • Slimming down the IT structure
  • Cost-efficient output creation
  • Up 75% of time saving
  • Content Management System for centralized creation and maintenance of text elements and templates by the operational department
  • Reusable CI-compliant documents for all output channels
  • Highly personalized and high quality communication
  • Integration of modern and effective advertising applications such as TransPromo or WhiteSpace Marketing
  • Support of digital signatures and future standards of mandatory e-Mail communication (e.g. De-Mail)
  • ad-hoc PDF, Online, XML, AFP, PCL, etc.
  • Individual on-demand documents
  • Intelligent formulars
  • Archive system connection (automated filling)
  • Monitoring of the entire document creation process
  • Coordinated distribution and information communication (campaign management)

The advanted of OMS is particularly important when it comes to high quality client communication. 4C print, spot color or high personalization are just a few examples to improve your correspondence.

S&N AG creates a software and service package for document composition and specifically takes into account you requirement and goals. S&N's partner is Assentis' DocFamily which is a high performance system for creating documents and a flexible, scalable and dynamic solution for concepting, production and distribution of business documents across all branches.

We would love to present to you the advantages of OMS in person.

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