Transparent Contract Management

If you want to keep track of all contracts in the company, but do not want to invest more time-consuming manual effort, you need powerful software that allows all tasks of a management contract to be done quickly and efficiently. contract from S&N AG has everything you need for a centralized and efficient management of your contracts.

Why contract from S&N?

In most companies, contracts are still stored in costly file folders. Related data, documents and correspondence are often located on different computers and are processed with different programs.
With contract you achieve the necessary transparency for effective and cost-optimized contract management.

The advantages of contract at a glance

  • Clear, easy to understand system
  • Central access to all information and documents
  • Shorter processing times by reducing the administrative burden
  • Support of the period and deadline compliance through automatic reminders
  • Individual evaluations and fast creation of management reports
  • SAP Master Data Integration
Functions of contract:

Data collection contract

With 'contract' you can enter contracts of any kind. According to your own organizational structure you can input the contracts hierarchically.
Through the SAP integration, SAP master data such as customers and vendors are available to you.

Docketing and resubmission

If the time limits of agreements are not respected, high costs may result. An automatic reminder function is therefore a must. In 'contract' resubmissions can be controlled automatically or manually. System Restore templates are automatically generated for a defined period til the end of term. Employees are given timely reminders, for example that contracts expire soon or will be automatically renewed.

Authorization Profiles

Contract data is sensitive data. Therefore, contract management requires a reliable authorization concept which makes it possible to make certain data visible for certain employees or departments.

The authorization concept of contract makes it possible for data to only be accessed, displayed or changed by the logged in user who is authorized.

Evaluations and reports

With contract you have extensive reporting options. You can create customized and standardized evalusations of the existing data, including export to MS Excel with the SAP List Viewer (ALV). In addition, for every contract there is a Contract Digest that shows on a single page all the important information about a contract.

Electronic file

To ensure that all data and documents are centrally accessible, an electronic record is integrated in contract, in which the files can easily into contract. As an archive, either a document management system can be used or alternatively the SAP database can be used.
With individual MS Word templates that are filled with the contract data, correspondence will be greatly accelerated.

Download: Flyer contract

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