fleet 3.0 for SAP ERP

The professional solution for efficient fleet management in SAP ERP

Each fleet operator knows the situation: Whoever wants to survive in the costs battle, against the backdrop of steadily rising fuel prices, needs intelligent and sophisticated insurance premiums and material costs solutions for its fleet.
The 2014 certified SAP add-on for SAP ERP 3.0 fleet of S&N (SAP Partner) provides your business everything you need for optimal fleet management.
It is the result of a successful joint project with a large fleet operators whose entire professional know-how has been incorporated into the software.
Over the course of further implementations with our customers, the system was continuously expanded and optimized.

Integration with SAP ERP

Through the integration into your SAP system your fleet processes integrates directly into your established company-workflows and already existing data such as invoice documents, accounts payable, accounts receivable (FI) or an employee or driver (HR). Redundant data belong to the fleet of the past. Your existing organisation/corporate structure is available 1:1.
At the same time, you benefit from a stable, secure SAP platform, without having to manage additional servers, databases, backups, user interfaces, or similar administration and having to wait.
fleet cost evaluation

web browser as a GUI / user interface

The operation of fleet can be followed using a web browser, e.g. Internet Explorer. No special software needs to be installed on the clients.
A modern, intuitive and clearly structured interface allows fleet operators to quickly operate satisfactorily and efficiently with the new system.


Despite basic similarities in the management of fleets, a certain individuality of each fleet is obvious. fleet counteracts this issue with a high degree of flexibility.
So within the modular structure, for example, you can hide fields, set default values (e.g currency), vehicle classes and define categories, determine performance characteristics for leases, add fields from HR and configure much more (SAP jargon "Customizing").
A rough overview of the functions of fleet as well as detailed information on the individual modules can be found on the following link: Features


fleet has been developed in SAP WebDynpro for ABAP (WD4A) and requires at least an installed SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 4 SP 3 - around 2009 model (at least SAP_BASIS - Software Component Release 701 Level 4)

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