Fleet accompanies you in all processes throughout the entire life cycle of a vehicle. For this, the SAP Standard is expanded for fleet-specific data and functions and simultaneously displayed more simply taking into account individual needs.

These enhancements include:

Vehicle Administration
  • Access to SAP Equipment master data: fleet expanded and streamlined for efficient fleet management
  • Evaluation of vehicle costs
    • Reading from SAP FI / CO, optional addition of fleet-specific tables
    • also the controlling area - across all
    • Accumulation e.g. per vehicle or manufacturer
  • Operating cost statement
  • Claims management with detailed reports
  • Delivery of standardized, user-defined e-mails to the assigned driver
  • Vehicle history (allocation, decommissioning, reactivation, model, withdrawal)
  • Appointment management HU / AU, maintenance, repairs, etc.
  • Learn more about CO ² values, 'Feinstaubplakette' energy stickers, etc.

Driver management

  • Driving license checking, automatic sending of calls, for example, as the protocol proof of license
  • Access to SAP HR (employee) and SAP Business Partner (ext. Driver
  • Assignment to vehicles (with history) 

Fuel card management

  • Assignment of vehicles and / or drivers
  • Definition of the services scope
  • Import interface (CSV) for new fuel cards

Lease management

  • Contract data (leasing, the lessor, agreed mileage, etc.)
  • Additional or reduced cost kilometers
  • Lease structure evaluation
    • Target / actual mileage comparison (comparison of kilometers driven to agreed kilometers; Optional fixing of a record date in the future, three step calculated forecasting)
    • Determining expected credit or additional payment
    • Detailed analysis of a single contract with IS / DESIRED comparison graphs
    • Collection of expiring contracts, ideal for example when determining the required budget

PoolCar withdrawal / allocation

  • Reservation (via Employee Self-Service, i.e. the employees reserve it themselves)
  • Planning Board for allocation (with proposed specific pool Cars, et al. available only at the pick-up location in an appropriate vehicle category)
  • Documentation Handover / Withdrawal (e.g. coassigned fuel cards, existing damage, mileage, etc.)
  • Gen accounting SAP CO (for example, PoolCars can burden the driver's cost center and relieve the vehicle's cost center)

Cross-module functionality

  • Electronic Records for Document Management
    • Structured storage and association of independent format files (such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, JPG, TIF, ...) on the connected SAP archive to drivers, vehicles, etc.
    • Form generation in MS Word (Transfer SAP data automatically in Word)
    • Optional connection to SAP Records Management
  • Resubmissions
    • Reminder function on manually or automatically generated dates (e.g. 30 days before the HU due date)
  • Change documents
    • Auditable information about changes made to the master data
  • Mass data processing, for example, detecting /consolidating single master fields
  • Master data evaluations (vehicles, drivers, fuel cards, leasing contracts)
  • Authorization checks in accordance with an established SAP standard, extended by fleet-specific queries
  • Comprehensive, search/filter options tailored to the fleet (e.g. license plate number, environment badge, leasing contract number etc.)


  • Costs / fuel consumption / mileage data (€ shell, VW Leasing etc.)
  • Data exchange with MD/log (transmission of real data from the vehicle)
  • MS-Excel: extends the capabilities of the reports and their graphical representation
  • and much more