Data exchange with MD/log

MD/log by Modern Drive is another element of fleet that helps to effectively and actively reduce costs. With the support of this solution, all relevant driving data as consumption, speed and acceleration values are collected and transmitted to a central database via a chip card or wireless connection. From there, the data is forwarded to fleet where it can be used for evaluations. This allows for the generation of different findings as, e.g., drivers whose average fuel consumption ranges clearly above the manufacturer's data. The resulting measure may be an "Economical Driving Training" to reduce the fuel costs. 

MDlogBenefits of the Mobility Costs Controlling System:

  • Reduction of the fuel consumption
  • Reduction of wear & tear (brakes, tyres, etc.)
  • Reduction of the accident rate
  • Reduction of the management costs
  • Enhanced planning security
  • Enhanced environmental balance sheet
  • Preventive risk Management