Policy Management


A central module in insTRA is the Policy Management. Here, all policies are managed. Policies are assigned during installation of a division. Both individual policies as well as complete framework contracts can be managed comfortably. The divisions can be custom defined in Customizing.
When specifying the insurer or the insurer consortium, the brokerage fees and commissions can be defined, which are then automatically taken into account in the calculation of premiums. The credit and debit billing of premiums can be transferred directly from insTRA to SAP FI.
In the Policy Management the electronic file is available. With each policy any document can be deposited to specifically definable folders. It can customized forms are generated for the mail sent to the insurer and policyholder, which are then automatically filled with the data of the present policy.
For any policy the user can set follow-ups to the next process steps and if necessary assign other users.