Claim Management

In claim management, the damages are entered and managed. These are then associated with a policy to ensure that the damage is actually insured. At the same time you need not enter the redundant data, such as division, insurance type, customer and insurer data which the system automatically extracts from the policy.
For the damage details insTRA offers the option of setting different masks for each class via. 'Customizing' in order to reflect the relevant facts about the respective damage properly.
Involved risk objects and damages opponents can be assigned to each claim.
In damage claim settlement the initial reserves, damage amounts, including any deductibles et al. can be maintained.
In property management the electronic file is available. With this any documents related to the damages can be deposited in specifically definable folders. It can generate customized forms for correspondence, which are then automatically filled with the data of the present damage.
For each policy the user can set follow-ups to next process steps and if necessary assign other users.