Comprehensive, practice-oriented and vendor neutral

Take advantage of our years of expereicne in systems and software development, the resulting know-how and practical knowledge as well as the our complex skills in the area of financial services.

Supported by appropriate staff development and knowledge management policies, embedded in a fixed network of consultants and partner companies every consultant at S&N has access to the entire technical and professional background of the S&N AG.

Your requirements are met with a specialization in

  • technical,
  • bank technical and
  • integrated issues.

Starting with the implementation of Basel II, including the mapping of credit processes of control systems up to controlling open and proprietary interfaces: S&N has a broad spectrum of services.

S&N covers the entire software lifecycle: Design, realization, quality assurance, maintenance and support.

Our consulting packages are designed on an individual basis and allow prefabricated consulting packages as well as a combination of individual components. Our offer is adapaptable to all requirements.

Especially during the time of increased cost consciousness, surrounded by an environment of ever-complex requirement and systems a targeted use of counseling is achieving exactly an effect that will contribute to a positive advantage to the competition.

  • Low cost
  • High quality and
  • short time-to-market

These three factors will remain crucial to compete in the market. S&N consulting is your Partner.