Business Intelligence

Medium-sized and large financial service providers increasingly find themselves in need to invest into data warehousing. To implement topics such as risk controlling and accounting for the International Accounting Standard (IAS) and Basel II they required enterprise-wide data consolidation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is another area that requires DWH. This includes customer analysis regarding online banking, either in the branch or at self-mention devices. However, his complexity is a difficult task for the companies.

Before, during and after the DWH implementation it is necessary to critically review existing concepts and approaches. This includes questions about the cost benefit ratio or the verification of a concept. Also, the future direction of the data warehouses in terms of company and social challenges must be considered.

Recognizing the value of data through Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is usually regarded as the value of data, meaning the utilization of data generated in the DWH. All tools, processes and structures used for analysis and evaluation are part of the BI field. The emphasis is on the technical exploitation of the acquired information. Th efficiently and comprehensively use BI a more flexible reporting, analysis reporting, ad-hoc reporting are required as well as to work with high density data arrays, meaning OLAP - Online Analytical Processing.

Our experienced consultants can help  discover hidden information treasures. Using a qualified data collection in the DWH and a data evaluation focussed on technical requirements a basis is created, helping your management to make the right decisions.