Configuration and Release Management

Configuration management is used to identify, control and track version of different software components in different system configurations.

The main tasks:

  • Change managements
  • Version control
  • Build management
  • Release Management

These planning and controlling process is supported by an electronic ticketing system.

Various versioning and archiving tools are used to handle version control with software management using CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) being the most prominent solution because it can be used over the internet and has proven its capabilities many times over at different locations. S&N provides the necessary infrastructure for external access to the project repositories and if necessary for hosting the CVS for external software archives.

The build management for complex software solutions is handled by seperate build systems. The associated processes are mostly automated (batch-controlled) from the source check-out from the software archive all the way to the final release.

Software Delivery

Once the software released is finished and going into production more requirements and responsibilities show up. Due to its extended project experience S&N can take care of this step as well.

Roll Out

The transfer of the finished software product into operation is a special challenge in most cases. Complex infrastructures using automated software distribution in particular requires a trouble-free start-up of new versions. This includes designing and planning backup and fallback Solutions.