Project Management

The efficient realisation of business processes in technical demanding e:Business and banking solutions requires a professional project management. Thanks to our competences in the Service Center Professional Solutions we realise for our customers individual business critical applications for many years. Only through the accompanying processes of planning and controlling the complex plans can be target-orientated realised. S&N’s project management contains:

Target Agreements

Clear and unambiguous target agreements are the prerequisite for measuring a project success. The project targets are worked out and clearly formulated together with our customers. By the help of

  • text illustrations,
  • techniques for interviews respectively questions and
  • use case diagrams

the business processes of the system to be developed are identified. The results of this analysis phase are fixed in a rough concept.

With modern UML-tools use-cases, activity, status and flow diagrams are set up and the system design is determined.


The expenditures, the resources and the dates are planned in MS-Project on the basis of a project structure plan (PSP). The rough planning is optimised, milestones are determined and coordinated with the customer – always taken the customer dates into account.

Furthermore the whole planning and control process is backed up by a Notes-based ProjectControlDatabase (ProConBase) Various work flows for controlling the status of the are illustrated in this database used as an electronic project file . In the further project procedure the error messages and change requests are administered in this data base so that you have at any time a completely documented image of the project status.

Supervision and Controlling

The project starts with the KickOff , now the process of controlling and supervision beginns.

Project events influence permanently the corners of the magic project management triangle and force different interventions for harmonising dates, costs and quality demands with the project target at any time. The project and planning quality can always be found out by capturing target/actual-values about the project process and by presenting prognoses as well as by a milestone- trend-analyses. An early noticing of difficulties and deviations from the plan is guaranteed so that the necessary correcting measures can be taken.

The regular reports on the status with compact management information and status comparable with a traffic light (green/yellow/red) for the basic project activities inform our customers about the current project process. Moreover, the ProConBase allows via Notes-replication the spread access and the joined work within the electronic project file together with our customers. So, short ways of communication arise at a parallel high project transparency.

Risk Management

Project success can be planned and failure can be early noticed. Prerequisite for it is a foresighted risk management. In the context of planning the project risks related to its possible damage effects and to its likelihood of fulfilment are captured and evaluated in a risk matrix.

The risk plan describes the preventive measures for a risk minimisation as well as corrective measures in the sense of an emergency plan. Already in the run-up the likelihood of fulfilment can be reduced by an appropriate planning and an early realisation of the necessary measures. If the risk case becomes nevertheless reality the project damage is restricted or even totally without any consequences.

Support and System Care

After the introduction of the production often difficulties come up in the daily operations which are not related to errors in the new software but which go back on configuration difficulties or dependencies and misbehaviours of external components. S&N offers by the broad scope of know-how and the far reaching experiences with different systems and different platforms - OS/390-host, Windows- and Linux-server, Windows- and OS/2-PC, the qualification which is necessary in order to analyse and correct disturbances in complex system environments.


In order to guarantee the acceptance and the productivity dealing with new systems, the training of the employees who are to work with the programs is essential.

S&N offers the competence and the experience which are necessary for a successful introduction of new software. We offer support or also complete packages for:

  • usability-tests
  • user trainings
  • special topic workshops

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