IS-U (Industry Solution Utilities)

We create solutions for public utilities...

The liberalisation of the energy market is accompanied by the breakdown of the value chain between energy distribution and supply. The traditional municipal utility organisations – which are today operating separate business units for their distribution networks und the supply side – are facing two new challenges:

  • Firstly they have to gear up for the competition with other suppliers...
  • ...and secondly they have to satisfy the requirements of the Energy Industry Law.

Responding to these challenges leads to actual requirements to the IT environments with the aim of an optimisation of the business processes and the customer service. A major part of the leading utilities already successfully uses the industry-specific SAP solution SAP for Utilities (SAP IS-U) or is currently implementing it.

For more than five years already, S&N supports utilities with implementation, process development and system integration services in the SAP IS-U environment.

Many successfully implemented projects and the know-how and experience that developed from this within our company induced S&N to establish a dedicated business unit to handle any projects that deal with utilities.

The objective of this business unit is not only to deal with the traditional and current issues of utilities as unbundling and introducing one- and two-client systems or the implementation of SAP IDEX-GE (mapping of the change of supplier as contemplated by deregulation), but also to provide holistic, process-driven and future-proof solutions for general issues found in the typical business environment of utilities.

Our solutions are driven by:

  • the application of the latest SAP technologies as SAP NetWeaver / SAP Web Application Server 7.0 (WAS)
  • scenarios for the bidirectional integration of processes without media discontinuity (WebServices, SOAP/XML)
  • the possibility to flexibly and dynamically generate and implement business processes (SAP Workflow /WebFlow Engine)
  • the generation of universal, user-friendly and CI-compliant user interfaces to control the processes (SAP WebDynpro).
  • Thus besides the development, the SAP business solution IS-U is a strategic focus for S&N. We have experts for SAP IS-U and are currently systematic increasing our headcount by means of new hires and special trainings.
  • At the moment we are planning to provide SAP IS-U services in Germany and other European countries.