SAP Portal

Our SAP Portal experience for your success

Many companies are due to the large number of applications and databases no longer in a position to control and steer the resulting flood of information. The employees have to manage a vast amount of unstructured data, the decision-making is difficult, the work flow is inhibited, the customers are dissatisfied. For a company's competitiveness it is extremely important to have solutions that improve internal and external communication, and thus optimize the cooperation between different groups of people (employees, customers and suppliers).

The SAP solution is called SAP NetWeaver Portal. Thus, the user in the company will bring together a variety of information, applications and services from heterogeneous systems on one surface. Access and utilization are taken into account of the SAP authorization concept to the specific needs of end users. This allows access to all relevant data on the application boundaries of both context-and user-specific. Information is provided in a unified way, many different types of business data are administrated and unstructured information is set in relation to each other. Each user will get a personalized content, the cross-company cooperation is promoted, and information centers will be created. This promotes efficiency and leads to significant competitive advantages. Any place throughout the world connected to the internet will be attainable with the portal. Examples of using URL addressable objects are:

  • Business transactions
  • Reports and evaluations
  • Knowledge-Data Warehouse
  • Internet and intranet information
  • Marketplaces, etc.

SAP portal

We support you not only in the planning and implementation of your SAP portal but realize your employees, supplier and customer portals. Of course we can also create your internet presence, based on the SAP portal. We solve existing applications and integrate them fully into a single portal interface.