Preperation of operation

It is always a challenge to introduce new software solutions, even for small applications. It does not end with installation of the software on a PC. A successfull start with a new component requires a detailed preparation: Starting with the definition of a operating environment, followed by the selection of a suitable partner for the provided services, the right definition of the service level up to the establishement of processes and methods to ensure smooth operation and to make sucess measurable. Buzzwords such as concept of operation and service level management just scratch the surface.

Influencing factors

Five factors essentially influence the successfull adoption of a solution.

  • Success factors provide information about what aspects to focus on during the preparation and operation of a solution.
  • The SLA compliance is a prerequisite for a successfull service provision.
  • Efficient service provision contributes to business success.
  • A positive perception of the service is important for the subjective success with customers and users.
  • Success can be measured by controlling Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


The various participants haven an essential influence on the success of a project. The objectives and requirements as well as the restrictions of the various parties have to be identified and aligned.

  • Providers
    As a service provider operating and support of the infrastructure is of foremost importance.
  • Beneficiaries
    Service users can be both in-house users as well as end customers.
  • Buyers
    The corresponding department or the so-called Application Owner is responsible from a user's point of view.
  • Supervisor
    The examation of service quality is done by the management as well as often by a separate controlling.
  • Downstream service
    Basic services (e.g. for communications and billing) included through other service providers





Service users and service providers often have different economic ideas on how the service should be provided. The service provider offers a defined portfolio. The (future) service user in turn has specific requirements for the operation. Supply and demand have to be aligned.

The result is coordinated service catalog with a description of the agreed services and the associated conditions of an SLA definition and KPI specifiaction.


The service operation processes have to be defined or existing processes have to be filled with life. An established procedure is the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) that describes best practices for the entire service lifecycle. As part of the operational preparations the subject areas Service Design, Service Transition, and Service are of particular importance.



Many activities in the operation preparation can be optained more efficiently when supported methodical. Templates and checklists, such as for concepts of operation, service, catalogs, and application management, ensure consideration of all essential aspects. The basis for management and governance is formed by the process models of ITIL and COBIT and the defined methodologies. In the implementation of projects for the operation preparation we rely on our longstanding experience and our S&N model for project management.

Operation preparation with S&N

We accompany you with our experience in the comissioning of complete and partial solutions, and make the road to success easier and safer. Therefor we offer the management of the process step of operation preparation, starting with the first concept till the final roll-out. We also support you from here on with our service and support offer.

Start your operation successfully with us.