Service Level Agreement

The demands on the availability of systems, applications, and IT infrasctructure are very different. For web applications customers will certainly expect a permanent presence, 7 days a week around the clock (7x24). Other office applications have to be available during business hours. Various processes are automated at certain times during the night. This leads to very different demands to the system care.

With our differentiated support and maintenance we can offer you the help of a compentent contact person at your service, exactly when you need it.

Get in touch with the Support

Our support team is handling all interferences or service inquiries regarding the managed applications and systems. The reported problems are analyzed to quickly eliminate the disruption. If a correction of the application is necessary the support collect all necessary information to support the problem solving. In case a incorrect use or faulty configuration is the reason the support is offering support on the correct usage or configuration.

Maintenance is more then warranty

Disturbances and errors in system and applications that require high availability need to get fixed fast. Sometimes even hotfixes are necessary to ensure the functioning of an application. Error corrections under normal release cycles do not adequetly meet the requirements. This requires a special offer regarding care and maintenance.

Service Level Agreement

With a tailored SLA we can provide you exactly the service you need to provide your products and services to customers. Depending on the priority of a bug or a service request we guarantee response times to give you a qualified response within a defined timeframe on how long it will take to correct the error.